Friday, May 20, 2011

Discuss the various types of bank.

Banks these days provide a variety of services. They provide both short-term and long-term credits. Bank can be classified into the following categories:-

Classification on the basis of ownership:-
    Ownership banks can be classified into follwing four categories:- 
    i.   State owned bank,
    ii.  Private ownership bank,
    iii. Government and Private joint ownership bank
    iv. Autonomous banks.

Classification on the basis of functions:-
    Banks based on functions can be classified into following categories:
a. Central bank: A central bank functions as a top controlling bank for all other banks of the country. It functions as a controller of credit, bankers, bank and enjoys the monopoliness in issuing currency notes on behalf of the government.
b. Agricultural Bank: An agricultural bank functions as a specialized institution providing credit to agriculture, co-operative banks, land mortgages banks fall in this categories.
c. Exchange banks: An exchange bank primarily funances the foreign trades of a country most of the major commercial banks of our country and foreign banks having offices in our country are engaged in this business.
d. Industrial banks: An industrial bank primarily meets the long-term capital requirements of industry. They include Industrial Finance Corporation of Bangladesh Ltd. State Finance Corporation.
e. Commercial banks: A commercial bank is essentially meant for providing short-term credit to trade and industry.
f. Other banks:
    i.    Investment Bank             ii.    Merchant Bank
    iii.  Savings Bank                   iv.   Export-Import Bank,
    v.   Consumer Bank               vi.   Mortgage Bank
    vii. Grameen Bank                 viii. International Bank.

Classification on the basis of organization structure:-

    Bank's can be classified in to five categories according to their organization structure. They are:-
    i.   Unit Bank,                    ii.  Branch Bank,
    iii. Chain Bank,                 iv. Group Bank.
    v.  Mixed Bank

Classification on the basis of scheduling:-
    On the basis of scheduling banks can be sub-divided in to following categories:
a. Sheduled Bank,                 b. Non-scheduled Bank

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