Friday, June 10, 2011

"Entrepreneurs are made not born."- Comment on the statement.

"Entrepreneurs are made not born." It is true that family environment, religious, cultural conditioning and commercial orientation of a region may create a favorable atmosphere for entrepreneurial growth. But these generic factors are necessary conditions rather than sufficient one. It has been observed that a great many highly intelligent and energetic persons never become entrepreneurs. Studies all over the world throw lot of evidences that " Entrepreneurial traits and tendencies are acquired characteristics or learned behavior". Entrepreneurs typically show higher levels of risk tolerance and ability to cope with ambiguity. They are also alert to opportunities, in the sense that they are able to make connections between apparently unrelated events and turn that into a business. They are also incorrigibly optimistic, creative in finding resources and solutions to problems. They are also highly self-confident in their ability and have a strong belief in their own motivations and abilities. But entrepreneurs are not born with all these characteristics. To be successful as an entrepreneur we need to be in the right environment where we either formally learn how to do it or absorb it from our families and surroundings. We also need a strong motivator who helps entrepreneurs to build enterprise. He needs capital for establishing enterprise.
So, we can say that, entrepreneurs are made not born.

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