Friday, June 10, 2011

Differentiate between the Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs.

The terms Entrepreneur and the Intrapreneur might seem the same words to hear, but both the terms have much differences including their spelling and characteristics. The differences between these two terms have been shortly gleaned below:-


An entrepreneur is independent in his operations
An intraprenuer is dependent on the entrepreneur, i.e. the owner.

Raising of Funds
An entrepreneur himself raises funds required for the enterprise.
Funds are not raised by the Intrapreneur.

Entrepreneur bears the risk involved in the business.
An intraprenuer does not fully bear the risk involved in the enterprise.

An entrepreneur operates from out side
On the contrary, an intraprenuer operates from within the organization itself.

An entrepreneur begins his business with a newly set up enterprise.
An intrapreneur sets up his enterprise after working someone else’s organization.

As an entrepreneur establishes new business, so he does not possess any experience over the business.
An intrapreneur establishes his business after gathering experiences through working in the other organizations.

According to the above table, anyone can differentiate between the entrepreneur and intrapreneur as both the terms are heterogeneous. 

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