Friday, June 10, 2011

Discuss the role of universities and colleges in the entrepreneurial development.

Discuss the role of universities and colleges in the entrepreneurial development.

The role of universities and colleges in the entrepreneurial development has been briefly presented below: –
  • The universities provide various theories about the entrepreneurship and the role of entrepreneurship in economic development of a country.
  • The universities and colleges help to identify the personal motivations, attitudes, qualities, competencies and characteristics usually associated with successful entrepreneurs,
  • Universities help to develop achievement-oriented, planning-oriented and power-oriented entrepreneurial competencies among the students.
  • Universities provide the psychological profile of the successful entrepreneurs to make the students feel for their motive.
  • They provide clear concept on the role, responsibilities, risks and rewards of an entrepreneur.
  • They make the students to perform the self-assessment,
  • They teach the students to take risks, seek opportunities,
  • They help bring out high quality and efficient entrepreneurs by providing proper training and support to them.
  • They educate about how to collect and analyze the information
  • They create self-confidence among the students,
  • Universities provide post-training entrepreneurial self-assessment tasks.
  • They help the students to plan and monitor in a systematic way.
  • Through our specialized learning programs, students increase their ability to build and manage successful organizations.
Keeping the above reasons in our minds we can say that the universities and colleges play a vital role in creating a good entrepreneur through there active trials.

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