Friday, June 10, 2011

What are the different types of entrepreneur?

Clarence Danhof has classified the entrepreneurs according to economic development. In the following four types :-
 a. Innovative entrepreneur:
Innovative entrepreneurs will be finding out new products using the new combination of raw materials, will create new market, will hold a monopoly market, will introduce the new technology of production. Example: Steve Jobs the founder of iPod, Michael Dell, founder of Dell Computers.
 b. Imitative entrepreneur:
Imitative entrepreneurs will be finding out products those have been invented earlier in other countries but new in that particular region or country. The imitative entrepreneurs will do business of an existing product in any other country. Example: Walton BD. has introduced its motorbikes, refrigerators, televisions and other electronic appliances in Bangladesh not being the original inventor of those products.
 c. Fabian entrepreneur:
The Fabian entrepreneurs are those who remain unaware of the change in the era of a particular product they are involved in business with. But when there market leadership goes down they seem to understand the change. Example: Kodak, a company that happened to be the market leaders in producing analog cameras but they did not realise the change and the introduction of the Digicam. For what they lost their leadership, having lost the leadership they have diversified the business in producing the Digicams instead of producing Analog cameras.
 d. Drone entrepreneur:
The drone entrepreneurs are those who remained unaware of the change but they always remain the same with their business policies. They do not bother about changing their business policies. Example: Citycell Telecom Bangladesh, in spite of having knowledge about there market fall they have not yet changed there business policy.
 e. Other entrepreneur:
There are some other entrepreneurs that also fall into the box. They are -
  • Solo-operator: The shopkeepers are like the solo-operators. As they operate there business without recruiting any men power and supply the capital alone.
  • Active partners: The active partners are different partnership firms. The partners actively participate in the raising of funds as well as with the operation of the internal management
  • Inventors: The software developers are also an entrepreneur as they invent new products for the solution of the new problems.
  • Challengers: The challengers always seek for the new opportunities in the market to invest.
  • Buyers: The buyers can also be the entrepreneurs. They find out an established institution and they buy the maximum share of that particular institution. Example: The Airtel bought the Warid Bangladesh Ltd.
  • Life timers: The life timers are those who operate the business developed by one and is operated by generation to generation. Example: Square Ltd. was established by Samson H. Chowdhury in Bangladesh. But now Tapan Chowdhury, son of Samson H. Chowdhury is the head of the company.

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