Thursday, June 23, 2011

What are the functions of CA's engaged in Public practices?


Chartered Accountants engaged in public practice mainly carry out the following functions:
1. Perform professional services involving auditing or verification of financial transactions, books, accounts or records, or preparation, verification or certification of financial, accounting and related statements
2.   Render professional services or assistance in or about matters of principles or details relating to accounting procedures, costing techniques, or recording, presentation or certification of financial facts or data
3.   Render professional services or assistance as Management Consultant in or about matters of accounting methods, systems and techniques involving forecasting, in order to assist management in its task of formulating polices, programmes, management systems and procedures for maintaining and improving efficiency.
Apart from specialization in traditional accounting and auditing services, CA Firms are also engaged in:
  • Taxation services
  • Information Technology
  • Statutory and Liquidation services, company law, secretarial works etc. 
  • Management consultancy services encompassing, inter alia, the following areas:
    •  Valuation of business and shares
    • Designing of accounting, internal control and operational systems for organizations, and
    • Rendering of miscellaneous services like maintaining computerized financial accounts of companies, business process re-engineering, management selection and recruitment, disinvestments of government enterprises, etc
  • Due diligence study, feasibility study etc.
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