Saturday, July 23, 2011

What are the characteristics of JIT inventory system?

The JIT system of inventory management possesses some characteristics. The characteristics of JIT are as follows:-
  • Pull method of material flow: It refers to a system of production in which customer demand activates productions of the item. Stock will come only when next order is placed.
  • Consistently high quality: JIT maintains quality at source with workers acting as their own quality inspectors. So it maintains high quality consistently by eliminating scrap and rework.
  •  Small lot sizes: JIT maintains lot sizes as small as possible to cut lead time and to help achieving a uniform operating system work load.
  • Short set up times: The enterprises with low set up times can use JIT as it conforms with continuous flow of production.
  • Close supplier ties: JIT system maintains a close, reliable and dependable relationship with the suppliers so as to get uninterrupted supply of desired quality materials.
  • Flexible workforces: JIT depends on having orders thus workforce shall vary with the requirements of production.
  • Uniform work station loads: JIT can only be achieved when available work stations are being given uniform work load to maximize production.
  • Standardized components and work methods: It requires continuous and uninterrupted production and therefore work methods and equipments are standardized and being familiar with the workforce.
  • Product focus: The system takes primary care to maintain quality product with the overall desired service systems.
  • Preventive maintenance: The system operates with the policy of preventive maintenance of quality of equipments, workforce, operating system and materials to ensure continuous production.
  • Automated production: The JIT system requires automated productions system so that there shall be least interruption with delay for any technical graphs.

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