Saturday, December 24, 2011

Identify the differences between the strategic management and other types of management.

There are a lot of differences that are found between the strategic management and other types of management in any organization. The differences between the strategic management and other managments are simply given in a table below -

Strategic management
Other types of management
Strategic management integrates are a functional management into a whole.
Other management deals with functional arena only.
It is oriented toward achieving organization wide goals.
It is oriented to achieving a local goal only.
It considers a broad range of stakeholders.
It tends to focus on serving individual stakeholders.
It entails multiply time horizons.
It tends to focus on short term issues alone.
It is concerned with both efficiency and effectiveness.
It is concerned with efficiency only.
The goals of strategic management are usually debatable.
The goals of operational management are validated through extensive past experiences.
Issues of strategic management are abstract deferrable and may be unfamiliar.
Issues of functional management are immediate, concrete and familiar.
Evidence of the merit of strategies is often available only after several years.
Evidence of merit of functional management gets promptly.
Strategic managers need a corporate point of view oriented to the environment.
Functional managers need procedural orientation to functions.

So from the above table we can easily find out the differences between these managements.

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