Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What are the techniques of assessing internal environment?

Process / Framework / Techniques of assessment of internal environment:

Every type of assessment needs to be performed undertaking some step by step actions. For these assessments there might be a lot of techniques or procedures available. The assessment of internal environment also includes some procedures or techniques to be performed. The framework of the assessment of internal environment are gleaned below –

  1. Critical Success Factors (CSF) methods,
  2. Value Chain method,
  3. Core Business process,
  4. Balanced Score Card
Here is the elaboration of the above mentioned techniques of assessing the internal environment of any organization - 

Critical Success Factors method
CSF’s are those areas in which good results will help ensure, an organizational successful competition and in which poor results usually lead to declining performance. These are essential for successfully gaining and maintaining a competitive advantage in the firm.
Value Chain method
Value chain is a method that divides a business into a number of linked activities each of which may produce value for the customer.

Core Business Process method
CBP’s and systems are activities that are essential to produce organizational performance as a whole. The concept will maximize overall value of the business provided to customers rather than maximizing individual activities. Managers shall have the view of a firm as a collective value creating unit.
Balanced Score Card method
The BSC is a broad based approach to business analysis that allows a well rounded evaluation of a firm’s strengths and weaknesses from different complementary perspectives. It shows both qualitative and quantitative assessment of the firm. The BSC method is widely used method of internal environment analysis.

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