Saturday, December 10, 2011

What areas of internal environment are to be analysed?

Areas of internal environment to be analyzed
The areas of the internal environment that are to be considered in the analysis procedure are enlisted below-
  • Financial position
The financial position analysis includes utilization of different kinds of ratio analysis and other financial calculations to be done to identify what is the company's financial position.
  • Product or service position and quality
Whether the product or service's quality of the company is being kept up to a standard or not should also be analyzed.
  • Marketing capability
The marketing capability of any organization refers to its capacity to advertise its products or services in comparison to the substitute products or services available in the market.
  • Research and Development capability
The research and development capacity analysis of any organization show how much the company can spend for the development and for the research purposes of the product or services.
  • Organization structure
If the organization structure is small in size then that company should not involve in the competition with the giant leading companies in the market. Therefore to know the organization structure's impact the internal environment should be analyzed.
  • Human Resource
Whether sufficient human resource is available or not it should also be analyzed because without manpower no task can be accopmlished within the organization.
  • Facilities and equipment conditions
The facilities and the modern equipments for the ease of production of any product or service are available or not in the organization should also be analyzed.
  • Past and current objectives and strategies
The past and the present plans, missions, visions etc. how much of these strategies have been accomplished and what are the next ambitions of the company should also be taken on account.

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