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Find out the relationship among selection, recruitment and job analysis.

Relationship among selection, recruiting and job analysis 

In the human resource planning discussion we can see that HR planning process determines the specific number of posts to be filled. We can also see that job analysis forms part and parcel of the HR planning process. Job analysis gives one a clear understanding of the nature and requirements of the post to be filled. This means that, before any advertising campaign can be put into operation, one has to make sure that the posts are properly analyzed to ensure that recruitment attempts are non-discriminatory and that recruiting takes place in line with the inherent requirements of the relevant post. Completion of the HR planning process and job analysis processes provide an overall impression of the post. In other words, one now has the job profile at one’s disposal. This job profile describes the post in terms of the task requirements and the requirement for the person filling the post. When you have this broader picture of the post, the recruitment process can begin.

Most people would agree that the processes of recruitment and selection are closely linked with each other. Therefore, they both form part of the hiring process. It is true that both these HR activities are directed towards obtaining suitably qualified public sector employees. However, the focus of the recruitment process is more one laying the groundwork for the selection process. In other words, the recruitment process provides the pool of applicants from whom the selectors may choose. Although the two activates are closely related, each requires a separate range of knowledge, skills, competencies and expertise. In addition, each activity may in practice be executed by different staff members. Hence, each activity is discussed can be found in different chapters of the Human Resource Management.

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