Monday, June 11, 2012

Process to make a test program effective

If we look for a simpler process for developing a test program for selection then I would like to consider the following process to be effective –
  1. Based on an overall quality risk management strategy, select a subset of test suites from the test cohort for this test cycle.
  2. Assign the test cases in each test suite to testers for execution. 
  3. Execute tests, report bugs, and capture test status continuously, 
  4. Resolve blocking issues as they arise. 
  5. Report status, adjust assignments, and Reconsider plans and priorities daily. 
  6. Manage the test cycle end game, eliminating unrealizable tests in reverse priority (lowest first, highest last) order, 
  7. Report test cycle findings and status
If you are looking for a advanced procedure for developing a testing program that requires careful planning, analysis, experiment and technical knowledge, then I would like to  consider the following steps to be effective –

  1. Deciding the objectives: - Objectives of the testing program are listed. 
  2. Analyzing jobs: - Jobs are analyzed to identify the characteristics considered necessary for the success of the job. 
  3. Choosing test: - Appropriate test are chosen to measure the identified characteristics. 
  4. Administering the tests: - The chosen tests are applied on the desired group of persons to measure the predetermined traits. 
  5. Establishing criteria of job success: - Success criteria may be laid down in terms of quality and quantity of output, attendance record etc. 
  6. Analyzing results: - The tests scores are carefully analyzed in the light of success criteria. After analysis decision about the candidate’s selection or rejection is drawn.

You should have a glimpse at the "Selection Ratio" if you want.


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