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State the process of selection.

Process of Selection:

In order to recruit the best candidates in vacant jobs the human resource managers need to follow some step by step procedure. The selection processes across organizations differ greatly. Here is a typical selection process model presented below –

We can now elaborate the above drawn figure as in the page as follows –

Step 1 and 2:
The candidates have done their bit by sending applications. Now its time for the HR department to start short listing the applicationsthat suits the fore mentioned criteria’s closely. The applications that have been sent to the HR need to be scrutinized with great care because if they miss one point in the CVs there could be a chance of having made an error, and there is a chance that they have missed a very good candidate their.

Step 3:
A written test is like an aptitude test that is done to check the numerical, verbal, logical abilities of the candidate etc.

Step 4:
Interviews are a part of every selection process. Interviews are of different types. An interview can use any type of interview.

Step 5:
Background investigationor reference checks are done in order to check the candidates past experiences at previous work. Also it helps the employer to understand what the candidate has been like. It helps gaining an overall review of the candidate. For a position that needs the candidate to take up huge responsibilities, it is always advisable that the organization go for reference checks.

Step 6:
After the candidate has been through the interview, the Panel reviews the interview and the candidate’s competencies. A through review has to be done to make sure all the parameters being judges are covered and the results are recorded. The panel then puts forward its results to the concerned departments.

Step 7 and 8:
Final Panel review is done in the cases where there maybe a doubt regarding the candidates competencies and his past actions, etc. It could also be done if the organization wants to learn more closely about the candidate because he deserves it.

Step 9:
Medical tests are done for jobs that require physical fitness of the candidate. Example: airways related jobs, machinery handling, etc. A medical test may not be required for administration related jobs.

Final stage:
In the final stage, though not mentioned in the flow chart, the candidate’s result regarding hiring decision is made. A candidate who clears all the steps is finally considered right for a particular job and is presented with the job offer. An applicant can be dropped at any given stage if considered unfit for the job. Only after successfully clearing all the hurdles, an applicant can enjoy the feeling of being selected for a particular job.

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