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What is Validity Test? What are the steps involved in Validity Test?

Validity test:

Test validity concerns the test and assessment procedures used in psychological and educational testing, and the extent to which these measure what they purport to measure. “Validity refers to the degree to which evidence and theory support the interpretations of test scores entailed by proposed uses of tests.”Although classical models divided the concept into various "validities," such as content validity, criterion validity, and construct validity, the modern view is that validity is a single unitary construct.

Steps involved in test validity:
  • Assess the face validity of the test, the simplest type. This (according to the Colorado State site) simply means that the items appear "on their face" to measure reading comprehension. Face validity is a casual concept, and is really a preliminary step.
  • Assess the content validity of the test. Per Carmines and Zeller, content validity "is based on the extent to which a measurement reflects the specific intended domain of content." Per, this is much like a more formal version of face validity. You can assess it by giving the items to experts in reading comprehension and asking those experts to respond. You should be careful to inform the experts about the details of the intended population.
  • Assess the criterion-related validity of the test. Per the Colorado State site, this involves comparing it with an established measure of reading comprehension. Given the scores on the two tests, you should calculate the correlation coefficient using statistical software. Although a higher correlation is better, there is no general agreement on how high is a minimal standard.
  • Assess the discriminate and convergent validity of the test. These two, together, make up construct validity. Convergent validity means that the test will relate strongly to constructs that are related to the test, while discriminate validity means that it relates less well to constructs that are not related to the test. A test of reading comprehension ought to relate more strongly to grades in English class than to grades in gym.
So we can now understand the term “Validity test” and the steps required to perform a validity test.

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